Baby’s first handprints!

I got the recipe for the salt dough at this website:

I made the full recipe and had enough to do my son's hand and footprints and with the leftovers, I went ahead and made a paw print of the family dog. I'm really happy I made these because now I have great memories in clay form. Choosing the paint was super fun too! I tried to choose a calmer background and a shiny paint for the foot/hand print to really show details and make it pop. I also made backups just in case one broke, that's something you can't go back and get. 🙁 
This year when my son turned a year old I made more to show in comparison. We were shocked at the difference! He had grown so much! I know we will be doing this next year for sure!
-Have you done a project like this?? Connect with me and show me your ideas!

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