Digital Scrapbooking

One thing I always strive to do now that I have a little one is DE-CLUTTER! We already have a million and a half things to trip on so eliminating any unnecessary belongings seems like a no-brainer. Unfortunately that has included most of my scrapbooking possessions. Living in a very popular area right now, space is a hot commodity.
So problem: I wanted to document my sons first year in style but without having to store a lot of stuff to do so. Solution: I took pictures every month and documented his abilities as he grew. When shutterfly ran a special with a free picture book I jumped on it. I did my sons first 6  months in the first book. I customized each page how I wanted it and then only paid shipping! I did the same on his next 6 months and now that he is almost 18 months old I will be getting ready to do another.
Not sure how long I will keep up this tradition but I am also starting a digital scrapbook that can be shared with friends and family who live anywhere, anytime they want to look at it. So what if shutterfly is not running that special when you would like a book? If your cheap like me you can do what I do, save "huggies" points to redeem them for a free shutterfly book! So exciting! I love saving money. 
#FunFact I subscribe for diapers through amazon and not only do I save money and get "huggies" points but I also get them and my wipes delivered to my front door once a month. Keeps you from having to do last second store runs for diapers in a hurry!

Here's all the storage I have to worry about with these books...

20160910_123611-1 20160910_123534

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