Accidents happen.

Accidents with our pets happen just like accidents with our kids happen. We can't stop it unfortunately. One of my biggest passions in this world is my love for animals. I have many years of background in veterinary medicine as an assistant in both general and emergency practices. It was amazing and I loved my work every day. I now am a stay at home mother but still love sharing any and all knowledge I can with my friends about their pets, 

One really great resource I love to use is the ASPCA website*.
That particular link discusses signs of distress in your pets such as:
Pale gums
Rapid breathing
Trouble standing

Click on the link above to learn more.

*I know that linking to some of these sites can be controversial for some animal lovers and I ask that you consider that while I may reference some great and helpful articles on certain websites, it does not mean that I am endorsing or approving of any particular organization's actions. I only intend it to share helpful information on how to keep our pets safe."

Helpful Phone Numbers

24/7 Animal Poison Control Center
$49 USD per incident fee applies

Pet Loss Support Hotline
This is something you do not have to go through alone.

Spay Helpline
Information on low cost spay and neuter programs.

Stolen Pet Hotline Information

Animal and Pet Travel Resources - Airplanes/Airline Regulation:
Flying with your pet can be a long, stressful process. Be prepared (and relaxed). Know before you go.