Shadow box for baby’s room

I have been wanting to make a shadow box with the mementos we saved when our son was born. Yesterday he turned 18 months old so I figured it appropriate to follow through on making one. My biggest problem is the boxes themselves can be pretty spendy and I just don't have a lot of "extra" stuff in the budget. Thankfully, I went to Craft Warehouse when they just happened to be 50% off! Yay! I then proceeded to gather the things I had saved.

The list includes:
-My hospital bracelet 
-My son's wrist and ankle bracelet 
-The preemie onesie he wore home 
2 pictures from the day of his birth (edited with PicMonkey)
2 clay hand and footprints that I made of him when he was only about 2 weeks old 

For the link for the salt dough recipe click here!

I could not fit in this shadow box the little shoes you see there however, I will be featuring them in front of the box permanently. Those were my nephews that got passed down to my son and they're so close, it's a special thing to include in this set!

Below you see the finished product. I knew that I would never be changing this shadow box so I used super glue to attach a few items and pins for the others. Do whatever works for you. (If you do use super glue remember to follow the directions closely. Also, let it cure for 24 hours just to be safe, these are precious things!)

Have you done a cute project like this with your children's things? I would love to see what others have done! Follow me on FB or Pinterest and we can share ideas!

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